Steel Soap Squirting Dish Brush

 SteeL Soap Squirting Dish Brush

A scrub brush and soap dispenser are all rolled into one with OXO’s Steel Soap Squirting Dish Brush. It provides a long-handled brush that can hold your favorite brand of liquid dish soap. You can open up the seal and pour in the dish-washing soap. Once you have resealed you are ready to distribute soap and scrub your pots and pans. The grip is extremely soft and comfortable, yet will allow you to grip firmly and is non-slip when wet or dry. The Steel Soap Squirting Dish Brush provides you with durable nylon bristles so you can effortlessly clean away baked-on food. It is safe for all non-stick cookware, and the brush is replaceable — you can replace the brush, sponge or the scrub heads.

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