Macaron Mats & Tools by Lekue

Macaron Mats

These Macaron Kits come equipping with everything essential to making marvelous French delicacies, in your own home—recipe booklet included. This simple-to-use eight-piece set includes: nonstick silicone Macaron Mat, DecoMax Pen, six tips and a cap for secure, easy storage. Made with non-stick silicone, these mats have edges to keep your macarons from touching once baked, and the kit is safe in oven temps capable of reaching 428°F. These must-have Macaron Kits will make 24 deliciously, mouth-watering macarons. Arriving with a 10-year warranty, these No-sticking Silicon Mats are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. For more delicious recipes check out our Macaron Cookbook.

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